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Challenge’s Overview Panel

This is my first writeup for a ctf. You have been warned.

We are given a url and a port. After first trying to ssh without luck, I tried netcat. Worked. From the challenge’s overview we get this:

To solve this challenge you need to think really fast.

Solving the challenge

So, after connecting we are greeted with this message:

I always wanted to make a trading bot, to trade cryptocurrency while sleeping. After doing a little research I found that Binance’s API was great for doing exactly that. So, in the steps below I will demonstrate how to make a trading bot to trade whatever crypto you like, in whatever pair you like.

So let’s get started.

Getting an API Key from Binance

First things first, you need to go to you Binance Dashboard. From the dropdown menu select, Settings -> API Management

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Software Engineer and security enthusiast.

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